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Time for my weekly check-in, I guess? As I anticipated, I didn't have enough time to finish the corset commission over the weekend, but darn it was close (which somehow makes it feel worse?). I literally started it Sunday morning, and by the time I had to leave for rehearsal that evening, all it needed was the zipper and binding. I did the zipper yesterday between work and rehearsal. I get off later from work today, though, so I don't know that I have time for the binding, especially since I'm making my own binding for this one. Which is too bad, because I'd really love to work on the hand-sewn side of the binding when I'm not being used at rehearsal. I'm sure that I'll get there by tomorrow night's rehearsal, though. 

Of course, I would have been able to finish it, had it not been for the 5 or so hours that I wasted attempting to fix my kitchen sink on Saturday. I discovered a leak in my pull down hose for the faucet on Friday, which is very easy to replace. All I needed was to turn off the water under the sink, purchase the correct hose, swap the two out, and turn the water back on. Except when I went to turn off the water on Friday night, the hot water wouldn't turn off. My faucet needed replacing. That is a slightly more difficult thing to replace, but still should be within my realm of capability, but it meant turning off the water at the street, so I decided I would do it Saturday. Except that it turns out it was installed incorrectly (either it was a push-fit valve that was pushed on too far, leaving no room for a removal tool, or it was a regular valve whose nut was completely stripped). So anyway, I wasted a couple of very frustrating hours attempting to get the stupid valve off before giving up, reattaching the hoses that were attached to it, and taking my pull-down hose to Lowes to match the part. Except Lowes doesn't sell those, and neither does Home Depot. You have to contact the manufacturer, who then sends you one in 5-7 business days. So I go home, call them (naturally they're closed on weekends) and reattach the hose, having wasted all of my Sat morning/afternoon. *Rant over*

Zip-lining was super fun, btw! I'm glad I got to make good use of that radio prize! 
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