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Oct. 1st, 2019

It's my weekly sewing update! 

I cut out 3/4 of the fireworks skirt. I had not originally purchased enough fabric for the full circle skirt (this seems to be my thing, tbh), so I had to go out and get more, and there will be a seam up the center back. Not a big deal, but it did put me a couple days behind. 

I also marked the hem on Rapunzel, and started on the embroidery. I think I got about 1/4 of the embroidery finished, but then I brought my machine into the shop on Sunday morning, so I'll have to wait till that comes back to do any more. 

I also have rehearsal or shows every night this week, so my only sewing time is going to be Friday and Sunday during the day. I should be able to assemble the fireworks skirt on Friday. If I don't have the embroidery machine back by Sunday, then I guess I will work on the sleeves for Ariel that day. (If I do have it back, I can do sleeves and embroidery!)

Now that it's October, deadlines are definitely looming!
  • The Ariel dress needs to be done by the last weekend of Oct.
  • I would like to make some repairs/fitting tweaks to a super old Queen of Hearts dress I made while in college for a Villains party I'm attending Nov 1st.
  • I would also like to add a temporary length extension to my skating bustle skirt, in order to make it full length for a gothy Victorian event on Nov 3rd.
  • The Fireworks skirt and Rapunzel embroidery and hem need to be done in time for my Disney trip (I leave Nov 12th), and I would like to do a yellow skirt to wear with the pineapple sweater-blouse I found last week at Value Village, so I can have a Dole Whip themed outfit for Disney, too.
  • At some point in there, I will also have some alterations or building to do for the caroling group, which need to be completed by Thanksgiving. 
  • Then once I'm back from Disney on the 19th, I need to speed-sew on my burgundy velvet 1860s dress if I'm going to attempt to make it by Dickens Faire on Dec 22nd.
So much to do!

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