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I got my sewing machine back from the shop on Thursday afternoon last week. Since then, I've done more on the Rapunzel embroidery, but it feels like it's going so slowly (even though now my machine is able to run at almost twice the speed, which is certainly nice). I'm one motif shy of being halfway done with the skirt, but I believe there's a total of 24 motifs. That means I have about 13 left, and each one takes about a half hour... Why do I keep doing this to myself?

While the machine was embroidering, I did a quick dress hem commission, and assembled my fireworks skirt. So now that's waiting for embroidery. At some point, I may wind up switching which one is being embroidered, since a half-embroidered Rapunzel dress is still 100x more interesting than a black skirt with no embroidery! 

Also, I really hope that once I add the embroidery and lights, the skirt starts to look less like a garbage bag. I think because it's woven with metallic threads on one grain, it's reflecting a lot like plastic right now. 

Anyway, I should have some time for sewing on Friday afternoon, so I'm hoping to knock out more embroidery and do the sleeves on Ariel. I also have to find if I have the old Queen of Hearts dress, or if that's still at my parents house. I think they made me take everything that had been in my closet with me up here a few years ago, but I'm not sure I actually did... Luckily, my mom is visiting next week, so I can still get the dress up here anyway. The real question is, is it going to look so poorly made/ill-fitting that I'll be embarrassed to wear it, even if it is only a Halloween party? It's I think maybe the third or fourth costume I ever made... 

In non-sewing news, tech week has been going fine for The Secret Garden, but a bunch of the people in the cast have been sick, and now today I feel like I'm getting a stuffy nose! This cannot happen right now - besides the show opening on Friday night, I also have my first singing gig through the new company I've started tomorrow, and it needs to go well! 
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