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Two posts in two days? Amazing. 

Anyway, slight update to the sewing plans. I went to the thrift store on my way home yesterday, and apparently Fate/Value Village really wants me to do a Dole Whip Disneybound. Last time I was there, I found a short-sleeved yellow sweater with a pineapple on it, and yesterday, in the dress section (aka, not where it belonged), I found a yellow and white striped house dress, with what appears to be just enough fabric in the body of the dress to make into a skirt. They are not the exact shade of yellow, but so close that they still match. I washed it, and cut the yoke and sleeves off last night, and am stopping at Joanns for some waistband elastic today. I think I am going to make some ears to match, but otherwise, it's done. 

In Rapunzel news, I am now about 1.5 motifs away from finishing. Unfortunately, if I followed the pattern I've been doing with the rest of the embroideries, that half a motif would be the same one that I started with. So there's going to be a random half of pattern 2 shoved in between 4 and 1. They meet right around the side seam, so hopefully it will at least not be that obvious. Not sure I'll finish tonight, though, since I will probably only have about one hour at home before I have to leave to go usher a show. 
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