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Halloween/Disney sewing update.

My mom was in town from Thurs afternoon till Sat morning, and the only sewing I did while she was here was to finish the last 5.5" of Rapunzel embroidery, and put the waistband on the Dole Whip skirt. So anyway, the Dole whip outfit is done, minus the ears, which aren't going to be started till I at least finish all my Halloween sewing. 

On Sunday, I put the bias tape on (most of) the Rapunzel hem and pressed it up for hemming. Naturally, I ran out of bias tape with less than a yard to go, and had to go get more yesterday. That will be added today, and I will continue whipping it down, which I started a little of yesterday. 

I also started on the fireworks skirt embroidery on Sunday. I've already done Cinderella's Castle, the Partners Statue, Tinkerbell, and one firework. I think I'm going to wind up with about 30+ fireworks total, so I have a whole bunch more to do, but the nice thing is, each one only takes about 10 mins, and fits in the 4x4" hoop, so I can use up all the leftover stabilizer from the Rapunzel embroidery (which had to be done in the 8x12" hoop). 

I also gathered up the upper sleeves for Ariel, so I just need to cut out and attach the lower sleeves, sew them into the armseyes, and style the wig, and that costume will be done. 

My mom brought my old Queen of Hearts dress up with her, which I made back in 2008 (aka one of my earliest projects). Technically, the only thing that it needed to have done was to serge/sew all the 1/4" seams in the skirt quilting that have pulled apart. But of course, I like to overcomplicate everything, so I'm not stopping there. It's a tiny bit big, particularly in the shoulders, but also through the bodice, and it currently closes up the back with the most hideous black lacing strips (it's a red velvet dress). So my plan is to remove the lacing strips, sew the back pieces together as a CB seam, and have it fasten up the front using pins (it's basically an 18th c pattern anyway - the old Pirates of the Caribbean Simplicity pattern). 

The other main issue is that I had boned the whole bodice with rigilene (again, beginner project), which apparently breaks down over time. When I went to put it on, I heard it all popping, and it is now in tiny bits. However, baby seamstress me apparently really sewed everything into an interlining, with multiple stitch lines of tiny stitches, hidden under a weird flatlining, so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth attempting to pick all the boning channels out. 

So anyway, there's a lot of random seam ripping that I think the Queen of Hearts needs, and I'm curious to see what state it will be in when I go to wear it for a Halloween party on Nov 1st...
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