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Halloween and Sewing Update

I had a last minute sewing/Halloween-ish marathon the end of last week. It was pretty crazy. For Halloween itself, I wore Jane during the day, because I was looking for something easy. (Yeah, I don't know what easy is - I just didn't want to wear a wig or ballgown). When I got home, I finished doing party prep, and then changed into Ariel (see - wig and ballgown!). We managed to take a few pics before it got dark outside and everyone from the party turned up (and the trick-or-treaters). I think I had about 15 people over, but naturally, I forgot to take any pics until after about 5 of them had left. And I had less trick-or-treaters this year -- probably only about 170 or so, so the kids who came after 8pm got to take two pieces of candy. We had one group show up at like 9:35, which was weird. 

Then I spent all of Friday working on the Queen of Hearts. I fixed/re-sewed all the seams that needed to be fixed, made sure it fit okay, re-styled my old huge 18 th c wig, and then ran out to Home Depot to try to get discount decorations (none left) and to Value Village for the same reason, plus a deck of cards to make a collar out of. There was basically no Halloween stuff left there either, but I did find an amazing deck of giant cards with red backs, and returned home to make it into a collar. It was perfect! The collar took me a little longer than I had anticipated, so I was a little late to the villains party, but my costume was very well-received, and people especially loved the collar. 

On Saturday, I went to a Disney photoshoot at Point Defiance Park. It was my first cosplay photoshoot, and I was a little nervous to talk to people I didn't know, so I only shot with three photographers, one of whom was my friend that I went with. But hopefully all the pictures come out nicely, and it was nice meeting them and the other cosplayers as well. I would love to do another Disney shoot! Then I came home, took down my outdoor decorations, and went to another Halloween party. 

On Sunday, I had a brunch date, and decided in the short time I had afterwards that I wanted to add long sleeves to my 1840s dress for the shoot that evening. I probably shouldn't have. They wound up a bit tight, and made me late. I also hadn't thought about the fact that the time change on Sunday meant that we had one hour less in the cemetery than what I wanted. Though in hind sight, I guess that was a good thing, because my phone also freaked out, decided it was full, and didn't actually save the last 30 or so pictures I took during the shoot. I'm still super pissed about that, since some of them had looked really wonderful. The cemetery itself is so cool, and I really want to go back when we have more time to explore more of the gravestones. Most of them are from the early 1900s, and we even found the grave of the founder of Tacoma! It was really neat, and we got some gorgeous sunset shots. 

Anyway, there's some pics from all of those events on instagram, but I need to go through and edit the rest of them.

In other sewing news, I have 9 fireworks left on the skirt, and have started the hem. I still have to hope that I can simply duct tape the lights into place, so I don't have to sew them in, since that's way more work. And I made some matching ears to go with my Dole Whip Disnebound. I also decided I needed to make a Harry Potter skirt for Universal. That is assembled except for zipper, waistband, and hem, which I hope to do today. I have also started on some of the alterations for the caroling group. I have nothing on my plate for tomorrow except sewing (like, I think I don't even have to leave the house!) and my weekend is fairly open, too. Which is good, since I need to finish everything and pack. I leave Tuesday for Disney World! :)
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