theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

I realize I haven't posted in nearly a month. I did have the Disney trip in there, but otherwise, I'm not really sure how that happened. 

Anyway, Disney World was amazing, though I think I'm too old to do the all-day with too little sleep for 7 days straight thing anymore, so I'm going to have to keep that in mind the next time I go. I am slowly posting pictures on facebook - so far I have days one through three available, so please feel free to look at them over there (esp since I think all of you are friends on facebook anyway). All of my outfits went over very well, especially the light-up fireworks skirt and Rapunzel. 

Since getting back a couple weeks ago, I had a super quick commission that I did basically over Thanksgiving weekend, but that's it so far. I'm hoping that I'll have at least a few days before my next commission winds up starting that I can maybe get a little start on my 1860s velvet dress that I've been longing to start all fall. I had wanted to have it done in time to visit the Dickens Fair in CA for the final day, but that's definitely not going to happen, since this will be a complicated dress and that's in two weeks. Oh well - I'll have it done by the Victorian Festival. 

So all that to say, hopefully I'll come back to posting more, as I sew more on non-rush commission items. We'll see...
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