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Between naps two days after work this week and zumba two days after work this week, I have not gotten much sewing done. Mostly I've just been feeling super exhausted. I did work more on the chemisette, though - at this point, it just needs the ruffle for the collar gathered down/attached, and the collar facing sewn on. I'm pretty sure I have to gather the collar by hand, so that is waiting for backstage tomorrow night, along with finishing the stitching on the sash for the skirt. So yeah, I think all that's left with the velvet dress is hand-sewing. 

And so on that note, I've switched to the Tissot bustle. I assembled the flatlining I cut out a while ago, just to test to make sure the lines were right. I'm glad I did, because I determined I wanted more flare in the tail of the bodice. I decided the best way to achieve that would be to add pleats in the CB and the next seam over, so I added some additional strips of the flatlining and declared it good. I have since cut out all of the fashion fabric of the bodice (which is supima cotton from Joanns, bought during that ridiculous sale last year). And I've flatlined the back and side back pieces and assembled them. The other pieces have their flatlining pinned in place, and I hope to assemble the rest of it today, or possibly tomorrow, since I'm ushering a show tonight. Here's a pic of what the back currently looks like:

My goals for this weekend are to shoot/edit/upload another youtube video (ideally about the velvet dress), and to actually finish the velvet dress. Plus assemble the Tissot bodice. I don't want to start on Tissot skirts till the velvet dress is finished, though, so that I can take it off the dress form and not have to put it back on. 
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