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The velvet dress is sooo close to being done. I have about 1/4 or so of the sash around the skirt to stitch in place, plus I think 8 or so skirt tapes. And that's it. Unfortunately, this sort of thing has to be done on the form, so I wasn't able to bring it with me to the theatre yesterday, despite the fact that I had already finished all my other hand-sewing. I finished the chemisette on Saturday, for example. 

I've put together a couple more of the Tissot bodice pieces, and finished flat-lining everything, but otherwise didn't work on that this weekend, since I was focused on the velvet dress. I hope to finish the velvet dress today, though, so that I can take it off the form and start on the skirts for Tissot. 

And I filmed/edited/uploaded my longest youtube video yet - a nearly 40 min video all about my process for the velvet dress. I'm tempted to go back and make a tiny update video to go along with it, which will address how I bustled the skirts and attached the sash, since that's the only bit of the process that's missing from this weekend's video, but that might wait until I can combine it with me wearing it. I'm tempted to arrange a photoshoot soon, since otherwise I'm not wearing it for over a month. 

Here's a link to the youtube video.
Tags: tissot bustle, velvet dress, youtube

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