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I tried on the velvet gown on Tuesday, and as I suspected, it needs just a couple tweaks. The hem length actually did not seem to be a problem (though I feel like I'm still slightly not trusting that), but I was right about the bodice being a tiny bit large. I will be moving over almost all of the buttons today - I think it needed to come in about 1" at the waist, and will need to be tapered up and down from there. I also need to move the bars on the skirt about 3/4"-1" -- I guess I just didn't realize what my waist size was or something? Which is weird, since it has not changed. 

I also did a bit more on my Tissot dress. The bodice is assembled, and the fronts are marked for where they need to be bound, at which point they will be ready for buttons and buttonholes. I wound up altering the hem of the bodice, making it shorter and a little pointier in the front, and a little more rounded in the hem of the back. It looks much earlier now, which is good. Today, I will be applying bias tape to the neckline and hem, so that I can sew all that down backstage at the show tomorrow. I also drafted/cut out the fashion fabric for the skirts. I will be flat-lining it all with organdy, which I still have to cut out, but will probably happen this weekend. 

Tomorrow, my friend is hopefully going to take pictures of the velvet gown in a little photoshoot, and ideally, I'm going to do a sort of "get ready with me/hairstyle tutorial" for youtube. I just have to figure out the logistics of that. My house is so small that I have no pretty backgrounds, and I feel like angles/lighting on that kind of video are going to be a lot more challenging. So hopefully it works out!
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