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I fixed all the small tweaks on my velvet gown before our shoot on Friday, but during the shoot, a much more glaring problem presented itself - the chemisette is a little on the narrow side, so while it is actually wider than my neckline, it's not by enough. When I move, it untucks itself. I think I'm going to add a little bit of width, and make that width fasten under the armpit somehow, so that it stays in place better. 

But overall, the shoot went well. First, my friend Emily came over to help me shoot my "getting ready with me" Youtube video, and gave me a surprise gift of Lynn McMaster's bustle-era hair tool. So naturally, I decided to film my first time playing with the tool as part of the video, and it turned out wonderfully. Here's a link to the video.

Once we filmed all the getting ready/getting dressed parts of the video, we went to a park about 20 mins away that has a couple log cabins at the front entrance, and met up with my friend Rachel, who is a photographer. We took pictures there, and went a little further into the park, but the path was muddy in many places, so we didn't go too far because white silk+mud=sadness. (It emerged almost completely unscathed, though, luckily.)

I've been slowly posting pics on instagram, though I'm trying not to flood it with the velvet dress, so I think they'll be showing up slowly over time. Also, I need to get all the pics back that Rachel took, since I just had Emily taking some with my phone. 

Anyway, I also had my last weekend of my show this weekend, so again tried to prep as much hand-sewing as possible. I managed to bind/face the entire Tissot bodice, make fabric-covered buttons, and sew them on. All the skirt pieces have also been flat-lined with organdy, but I have yet to sew them together. I hope to assemble the skirt pieces today (I still have to cut out the pockets), and I would like to start on trimming the bodice. Of course, I also need to do my sleeves at some point!

That said, I'm not sure how much sewing will actually happen today, since a) I have a few errands to run after work, and b) we had a large storm early Sunday morning, and I have to figure out how to dispose of a small tree that fell in my front yard, and a couple large branches that fell in the back. And the grass is starting to look very long, too. 
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