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And once again, I was thwarted in my sewing plans. Though to be fair to the Tissot dress, it was not for that project. 

I had to run a few errands after work, including getting my driver's license renewed, and finding a clear plastic tube to use as a wand for the Fairy Godmother, so I already knew I was going to be fairly short on sewing time. But then when I got home, I literally spent 1.5-2 HOURS attempting to find the lights I bought for the wand. Like, absolutely ridiculous. And where were they? In a place that I had already looked twice (under my bustle pad right next to my sewing machine, but farther under the pad than I looked the first two times). 

But eventually, I did find them, and I made my wand. Not out of the plastic tubing I spent $7 on, mind you, since I couldn't get that to straighten, but out of the wand part of Dora's Christmas cat toy, which I should have thought of in the first place, because it worked perfectly. I guess the $7 wasn't a complete loss, though, since I have replaced the wand of the cat toy with the plastic tubing! 

Anyway, all it is is the tube from the cat toy, with lights strung through it, the switch/battery pack wrapped in duct tape around the base of the handle so that I can switch it on and off while I'm holding it (and my hand covers the duct tape). At the top of the wand, I wrapped the excess 2 ft or so of lights around the couple feet of soft ruched netting that I had been playing with for the neckline of the Tissot bodice (it was left over from the giant turquoise ballgown, and I had already cut a new and much longer strip for the Tissot bodice). Then I bent the combo into a vaguely star shape, cut the last 1.5 unruched bit of the net into streamers, and added a couple dabs of hot glue to hold it all in place. 

I haven't posted pics yet, and I'm not sure I will till after the Cosplay contest. We shall see. 

Anyway, that only took me about 10-15 mins to do, but after taking so long to find the stupid lights, it was about 9:30 by the time I sat down to hem my skirt. So needless to say, I am only between 1/4 - 1/3 done with the hemming, and also did not do the bodice closures... :( Maybe today. 
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