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I started working from home as of yesterday. And yet, both my workdays so far have been sooo absolutely busy and slammed with stuff that I haven't even been able to finish everything each day. Thank goodness I'm not also answering phones while handling everything else (my boss let the other admin person go last week since she was a temp, so I'm basically working 2 full jobs right now). 

Anyway, over the weekend I made a hat for my blue pleated "Tissot" dress, which I turned into a youtube video. And I made a reticule for my friend's birthday, though she wound up not coming over, so I will have to give that to her later (I guess the youtube video I filmed about that will have to wait till after I see her.) My bff came over on Sunday, and she and I and my roommate celebrated my birthday together by ordering pizza, eating cupcakes, and watching Disney movies. I also put on the blue dress on Sunday, and shot a bunch of pictures and some video with my tripod, so at least I have some pictures of it on, now. I posted a video clip on instagram a couple days ago, and will share more pics soon.

I did a test embroidery for my mom's sweater yesterday, but neither of us loved it, so that project is probably on hold now. I think I'm going to try to make myself a new slip as my next project, since my current one is super ripped up and limp and is desperately in need of being replaced. Then I hope to move on to Governor Ratcliffe, if I have the energy. My work feels so draining right now that it's honestly hard to get my sewing drive up!
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