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I blame the fact that I added youtube to my social media channels for not remembering to keep up with posting here enough. 

Because the thing is, I have been sewing. Quite a fair amount, in fact, because it feels good to keep myself busy with productive things. I finished the corset sometime last weekend. I wound up not ordering enough boning (apparently corsets have more than 10 yds of boning in them - who knew?), but luckily one of my local friends rescued me with a little, and I was able to finish the last three channels. 

Then Sunday, I attempted to make a corset cover in a day for a youtube video. There were a lot of bumps in the project, which I cover in more detail in the video. You can watch it after midnight tonight on my channel:
 actually wound up finishing it on Monday, though that was mostly due to a) not starting till 2:18pm, and b) my machines both acting up when it came to buttonholes. 

Since then, the days have again flown by. I have fitted the body of my Edwardian shirtwaist, and yesterday, I mocked up a sleeve and collar. I was going to do the buttons/buttonholes Tuesday, but naturally have no appropriate buttons in my stash. Sigh. So I'm trying to figure out where I can acquire some without going to a store. I think I will mostly make my stash lace work, though I also really really want some beading lace so I can thread my velvet ribbon through it to match the jumper! So there's a lot to figure out there. 

Once the blouse is done, I will go back to the jumper and finish that up. I'm still trying to decide if I want to attach it to that lovely pointed/shaped waistband, or if that should be a belt-like piece that is attached to the jumper straps, but is separate from the skirt. I have a couple days before I need to make that decision though. 

Oh, and I also finally tested out my hotfix rhinestone setter today, in anticipation of one of my next projects - an 1890s Elsa spirit dress, which will be covered in rhinestones. It made me really excited for that project! Though I might still go back and finish the Victorian things I had already started first... 

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