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1908 Olympics Fashions

After waking up this morning with no voice, and thus calling in to work and sleeping for an additional 4.5 hours today, I'm feeling much better! And I have packed pretty much everything besides pjs and toiletries, which I'm hoping to somehow fit in my already pretty much full suitcase. I did do a couple of the small sewing bits today, too, so it wasn't a complete snooze-fest here.

And tomorrow, we leave for Costume College!!

I also have been watching a ton of Olympics, and on that note, for lack of real sewing content, I present you with some of the lovely lady Olympians of the 1908 London games.

The Danish Women's Gymnastics Team:

Anna Hubler and Heinrich Burger, who won the pairs figure skating competition in 1908
(back when that was a summer sport!)

Women's Archery competition

And for more great pictures, check out these two sites I found:

Vintage Olympic Style at

and Photos From the Olympics in London 104 Years Ago

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