theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

Project #0

I started on the robe a la turque petticoat after work today. I washed the fabric, cut it, serged the edges, and assembled the pieces. It's such a lightweight fabric that I'm doing four panels instead of my usual two, so it will hopefully have a lot of nice pouf. Tomorrow, I'm going to pleat it all up and attach the waist tapes (note to self: buy waist tapes). I'd like to finish it, minus the hem (which as usual I don't plan to do yet) by tomorrow night. I was originally thinking of adding a ruffle to this petticoat, but now that there's going to be so much fabric in it anyway, I'm not so sure. Plus, I don't get my discount at work until Jan 10th, and I would need a new pinking sheers if I'm going to do a ruffle.


Also, I hate Downton Abbey. That Christmas special was just plain cruel.


Tags: 18th c., 18th c. petticoat, robe a la turque

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