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HSF #11 - Squares/Rectangles/Triangles

Here is my entry into the latest HSF challenge - the Regency petticoat that I finished a couple weeks ago! Of course, I still haven't taken any better pictures, so you get to suffer through with my ugly mirror pictures from right after I finished it.

The Challenge: #11 - Squares/Rectangles/Triangles

Fabric: A little less than 2 yd of 90" wide Muslin.

Pattern: None. It was really easy to make up based on a couple pictures I saw.

Year: Somewhere in the Regency period.

Notions: Wide single fold bias tape; wide cotton twill tape for the straps, narrow pre-packaged twill tape for the ties in back.

How historically accurate is it? It's completely machine sewn, but the shape seems accurate.

Hours to complete: Not too many. If I had had all the materials on hand when I started, I would have finished it in one go. The only time consuming thing was making all the tucks near the hem (there are eight).

First worn: Not yet worn.

Total cost: I think the muslin cost me about $7, maybe less. And the notions all added up were maybe $6 total, if that. So at <$13 total, it's not too bad.

Tags: historical sew fortnightly, regency, undergarments
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