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I made my choker and bracelet yesterday, put everything on, took a couple quick pics, and determined how I needed to fix the sash (a large dart at the shoulder), and if I should add more boning (I added one bone in the CB). I made all the adjustments, plus added the ribbons to my dressing gown and 1830s shoes, and thread marked where my train will attach to my 1890s petticoat (I realized hand-sewing it on on Friday night is going to be easier than making a ton of buttons and button-holes), which means that all my CoCo sewing is done! I packed almost everything last night, too. Pretty much all I have left is doing a load of laundry of my muggle clothes, so that I can throw my clothes for Thurs in the suitcase. The nice thing is, that even means I can go see a movie with my friend for her birthday today. I'm super excited!

Oh, and here's a quick pic of my gala gown:

So much sewing

I'm almost done with everything for Costume College! I need to try on the gala gown again to a) see if the one piece of boning I put in the CF is enough, or if I should go ahead and add it to most or all of the seams, and b) figure out how to alter my royal order sash from last year. It turns out that in the 1890s, it was more common for the sashes to go into the bodice at the neckline, because the sleeves are otherwise too poufy for them. I only realized this on Friday, though, so there wasn't enough time to order new ribbon to make a brand new sash, so I need to alter last year's. I'll probably just have to make a new one if I want to wear it again with my turquoise ballgown. 

I also realized I don't have the jewelry findings I need to make the choker and bracelet I want to wear with the gala gown, so I'll pick those up tomorrow and do those tomorrow evening. 

If I don't have to add more boning to the gala bodice, I probably actually have time to do the trim on the Regency dress, but I don't think I'm going to. I'm going to start packing tonight, finish up the jewelry, and figure out how I'm doing my hair for the gala. And maybe I'll even have a bit of time to relax, go to the gym, or go see Mamma Mia 2 before leaving on Wed morning. After stressing and sewing all weekend, it's a nice feeling. 

I'm too tired to post a pic right now, but I have been posting to instagram, so you can check them out there

As far as this weekend's sewing goes, Thursday evening, I made the gala gown sleeves, trimmed one of them, and sewed the pearl mesh in place on the bodice. Friday, I spent the entire day sewing all the appliques down the front of the skirt, and trimmed the other sleeve. Saturday, I switched to machine sewing and made the bloomers I had cut out, plus made a Victorian-style dressing gown from start to finish. I actually used a Hogwarts robe pattern as the base, which means that unfortunately it's not as full as I'd like, but it will work. I want to get different ribbon for the sash tomorrow, because I don't like the ribbon color I grabbed from Joanns last night. Today, I attached the balayeuse to the gala skirt, put hooks and eyes on the three skirt waistbands that needed it, fixed the tie on my 1830s sleeve poufs, fixed the button on my bustle bodice, added the piece of boning to the gala bodice, and made a royal order. It's been a very busy weekend!


The gala gown is coming along sooooo slowly. It's really frustrating. Yesterday, I spent over two hours mocking up the taffeta oversleeve that goes on top of the pouf. It just wouldn't lay right. And it wound up being the simplest shape, so I don't know how it took me two hours to figure out. All I got done yesterday was mocking up/making up the oversleeves, cutting out and sewing the inner fitted sleeves, putting on more hooks and bars on the bodice (till I ran out of bars), and doing one side of the binding on both neckline and hem. 

I also spent a good hour trying to figure out the trim placement on the bodice. Nothing was thrilling me or looking right at all. I really wanted to find a way to incorporate the skirt appliques into the bodice, but I just couldn't figure it out. So at this point, my plan is just to take the pearled mesh that I'm using for the sleeve poufs, and ruche that over the bust, plus take some ruched mesh left over from last year's gala gown train, and put that over the shoulders. I will also probably add a pearl-embellished trim on the edge of the oversleeves, because otherwise they're looking very plain. It's not at all what I was originally intending, but honestly, once I put a royal order sash and all the jewelry on the form with the bodice, you can hardly tell that it will have almost no trim. You can also hardly tell (I hope!) that all my accents are a mixture of white and pale ivory. I don't know if last year's sash will fit with this bodice, but luckily, I sewed it instead of gluing it, so I could always probably alter where it connects at the hip. 

Here's a pic of all the ridiculous jewelry on top of the trim I pinned on:

I have to run to Joanns after work for a bunch of stuff, but today's goal is to finish the darn sleeves, sew down the bias edging, finish the hooks and eyes on the bodice closure, and sew down the ruched pearl mesh. Though with the speed this dress is going, that's probably far too overeager. That said, if I finish that, all I'll have to do is sew down all my pinned trim on the skirt and probably add one piece of boning in the CF of the bodice in order to make it wearable, so at least that's good.

Jul. 18th, 2018

Gah! I feel like I'm making no progress! Granted, I knew I didn't have much time for sewing yesterday, but all I managed to do was finish sewing on the hem trim, half of the hooks/bars on the bodice, and the tiniest bit of sewing on the right front skirt appliques. 

I'm going to the gym after work today, but I think this might be my last gym day before CoCo, unless I actually finish everything before Monday or Tuesday. It just sucks up too much of my sewing time. Unless it's grossly hot in my house when I get home today, I'm going to switch gears and work on the bodice sleeves and neckline/hem binding. I think I'll feel much more comfortable when those are done, because at least at that point it will be wearable, even if it's not done. If I can manage to finish those today, I can use tomorrow after work to maybe add some trim to the bodice and make the spare pair of bloomers, and/or add a detachable train ruffle to my petticoat or maybe start on the dressing gown. I want to try to do everything that requires an iron before Saturday, because it's supposed to get back to disgustingly hot this weekend, and stay that way till I leave. And hand-sewing on trim or the balayeuse ruffle shouldn't require an iron. 

No new pictures till something actually looks different! 

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