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Bustle Ponderings - Opinions Please!

I dyed my hair yesterday after work and grocery shopping, and while I was doing the laundry, I decided to sew on the bodice! I got the rest of the pieces cut out, flatlined them all, and sewed them together. But now I'm kind of wishing I had cut the silk for the bodice fronts on the bias instead of on the straight. No matter how I cut them, either the CF seam or the side seam winds up on the bias. Right now it's the side seam. And I feel like it just looks weird. Also, the darts are doing weird things with changing around the stripes. I do actually have enough silk that I could recut the fronts. But should I? Or should I do an entirely different style of front? I was going to have it just button up the CF and have a v-neck with that uber-pleated collar over it (still no idea what to make that out of, either - any ideas?).

This is what it looks like right now:

As a reminder, this is my inspiration:

I have no idea what's supposedly going on in the front, though. And I don't think I have enough of the skirt fabric to do a CF bodice placket out of it. (I'm also pretty sure I have no other coordinating silk). I just have a lot of the striped silk... So should I just make it a plain CF closure? And if so, should I recut the bodice fronts so that the CFs meet on the bias (which might be a disaster when it comes to a button-front closure)?

I got an etsy order for a playdress, so any changes I do make to the bodice will be after Europe. So please, send me your thoughts!
I hardly worked on the bodice at all on Friday. I honestly don't even remember why. I took apart the mockup, got all the interlining pieces cut out, and cut out about half of the silk pieces, but that's it. And then I had the four closing shows of Oliver and strike, so there was no other time for sewing this weekend. 

I was supposed to go to an audition tonight, but I'm not feeling up to it, plus I have a bunch of stuff I need to do before Europe (like dyeing my hair, laundry, and packing), so I'm staying home to do that instead. So maybe I'll be able to get sewing done today or tomorrow? At this point, I think the most I could possibly complete on it is just to sew the bodice pieces together. But at least that's something, and it might mean there's still a chance I could finish it before the Victorian Festival at the end of March. 

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